– Renewing Your Best Buy Support Plan

Renewing Your Best Buy Support Plan Serviced By Geek Squad:

If you have received a notice or renewal letter from Best Buy advising you that your support plan may be expiring you have the option of renewing your plan online by visiting  The renewal process is very quick when completed through the online website and all of the information needed to continue your plan can be found on the letter you received from Best Buy.  First you will enter your contract ID and your zip code to access your plan details.  Once you have pulled up your plan you can review the current plan settings and the services which are provided.  If you have elected to continue the protection plan, you can then opt in to continued service which will prevent a lapse in coverage on your covered purchase.

Service Details Regarding A Best Buy Protection/Support Plan:

Protection plans are purchased to provide additional peace of mind in the event that something happens to your electronic device.  Manufacturer warranties generally provide some coverage for issues with the product but do not cover accidental damage – this is the biggest reason many people by protection plans from retailers.  The biggest difference between a Best Buy Geek Squad Protect and Support Plan is that it does not simply provide hardware coverage (like a broken screen due to a drop) but it also provides service support for using your device.  This means that the 24/7 customer support is available anytime to assist with software issues, setting up a new device, and other problems which may arise during the use of your covered purchase.

Additional Details and Renewing Your Support Plan:

  • If you no longer need your support plan you are not required to renew and your coverage will be ended at the indicated date
  • Renewing online can be completed from home with your contract information and your service will continue until you cancel services
  • Customers may have the option to use an existing payment option or set up a new payment option for renewing your plan
  • Protection plans may be elgible to be extended beyond the warranty which was provided by the manufacturer
  • Support service contact representatives are available at 1-866-242-4568 for customers who require additional information