– Takata Airbag Product Liability Litigation and Claim Information

Takata Airbag Product Liability Litigation and Claim Information:

Class Action Settlements can be very complicated to understand at times and submitting the necessary documents can be a heavy burden.  This is quite true of settlement such as the Takata Airbag Settlement strictly for the fact that such as large number of cars and consumers are affected by the claim.  The most important thing to understand is that their are 6 different companies which make cars that were affected by the claim so it is important you sort through this potential confusion prior to filling out a form.

What Are some of the Main Highlights Regarding the Takata Airbag Settlement?

  • The Takata Airbag Settlement covers a wide range of cars and automobile manufactures – there are different claim forms depending on your vehicle which needs to be noted
  • BMW, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Mazda and Honda are manufacturers which all had vehicles affected by this claim – notices are sent to customers who may have been affected
  • To submit a claim you can do so online by selecting the correct claim form, providing the requested information including your vehicle VIN number and submitting the form
  • If you think you may be eligible for this claim you can check your eligibility by answering the questions on the claim information website which will determine if you vehicle is eligible

Due to the nature of this claim (airbags are a safety feature) the settlement requires consumers to take their affected cars to their dealership to receive a Takata Airbag Recall Remedy which will address the problem with the airbag to restore proper functionality.  If you no longer have your vehicle (sold, lease expired, etc) you may still be an eligible member of this class action suit.

Here Are Some More Details Regarding The Airbag Lawsuit:

  • A full list of affected vehicles can be found on the main settlement website
  • Claims can be completed online or paperwork can be mailed in to Auto Airbag Settlement, Settlement Notice Administrator, PO Box 3207, Portland OR 97208-3207



Source: – Western Union Petition for Remission

Western Union Petition for Remission:

Individuals will begin receiving petition notices for victims of the case involving the Western Union Remission Website.  This was a federal case and so far over 500,000 identified individuals who been sent notices regarding the case.  Filing a petition is necessary to continue with the remission process.  Petitions can be completed by filling out the enclosed paperwork and mailing in your form or the form can conveniently be completed online through the main Western Union Petition for Remission Website.  Make sure you retain the information you received because this will be needed in order to complete the petition process online.

What Is Needed To Complete a Petition Form Online?

  • To complete a petition online you will need to provide the PIN number and the Claim Number found on the letter you received in the mail
  • Once you provide the above information you can log in to access your claim form where you can complete the needed information for submission
  • If you are applying without a PIN and Claim Number you will need to follow the corresponding link and fill out the form details for submission and review
  • Internet access and a compatible browser will be required if you intend to complete a claim online – mail in option is also available

This case is centered around victims of fraud who sent payments through Western Union under false pretenses (these individuals were victims of scams and Western Union was the medium by which the money was transferred).  Any refunds permitted under the case will likely be some percentage of what was lost and if prior payments were made this portion of the loss will not be considered.

Here Are Some Additional Details One May Need to Know About The Western Union Petition for Remission:

  • Wire transfer fraud victims between the dates of January 1st, 2004 through January 19th, 2020 are included in this case
  • February 12th, 2018 is the deadline to file your petition electronically or by mail
  • To file by mail your form must be sent to United States v. The Western Union Company, P.O. Box 404027, Louisville, KY 40233-4027

Source: – Uber Class Action TCPA Settlement

Uber Class Action TCPA Settlement:

  • The Uber TCPA Settlement is in regards to text messages that were sent by Uber to consumers during the dates between December 31st, 2010 and August 17th, 2020
  • The offfical name of this case is Vergara, et al. v. Uber Technologies, Inc. and is in regards to text messages sent which may have been against the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • No court decision was rendered and Uber denies that it did anything wrong and denies violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act – Settlement has been reached without court decision
  • The final approval hearing on the settlement is July 23, 2020 but claims for this settlement must be filed by December 15, 2020 in order to be part of the settlement class

Class Action lawsuits are increasingly common in our litigious society.  In many cases, people are part of class action suits without even being aware that a suit has been filed.  In the case of The Uber TCPA Settlement there are many people who may have been affected by this settlement.  The good news is that if you do not want to do anything you can simply take no action and you will not be included in the class settlement.  This will preclude you from being part of any settlement payment made during the settlement process.

If you have received an email or postcard you will find that it includes a Class Member ID.  This will be necessary to file your claim online.  Once you access the online claim submission you will enter this number and proceed with submitting your claim.

Still Need More Details Regarding The Uber TCPA Settlement?

  • Once you log in using your Class Member ID you will then be directed to a claim for specific to the claim class you are a part of (A, B, or C settlement class)
  • Knowing the deadlines of class action suits is extremely important and failure to adhere to the settlement deadlines may alter your rights



Source: – File Claim to Receive up to $90

Debt Call Settlement

  • Get the cold hard facts in regards to class action lawsuit entitled Thornton, et al. v. NCO Financial Systems Inc.
  • This is case number 16 CH 5780 and is pending in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, County Department, Chancery Division
  • The settlement fairness hearing will take place on or around 10/26/2017 (luckily class members do not need to attend this bothersome hearing in order to collect up to 90 clams) is admisntered by the Angeion Group who are based at 1801 Market Street, Suite 660 Philadelphia, PA 19103 (the firm can be reached via email at or by phone at 1-855-551-7374).  Class members who received a intrusive debt call from NCO Financial Systems may receive a cash money settlement as a result of this recent robocall class action settlement.  The Debt Call class action lawsuit was filed by plaintiffs Wesley Thornton of Virginia and Antoinette Stansberry of Illinois back in the Spring of 2016.  Both plaintiffs say these calls were made using automated dialing equipment and a prerecorded or artificial voice message.  Class members claim that these calls were in violation of the TCPA which prohibits callers from using an automatic dialer or a prerecorded message unless they gain expressed consent from the customer. Notes

  • Some class members said they received up to 7 calls a day in regards to a debt collection
  • The deadline so submit a claim is listed as 10/17/2017
  • Class members will be represented by Benjamin H. Richman, Keith J. Keogh, Douglas J. Campion, and Kas L. Gallucci
  • The defense has hired big shot attorneys James K. Schultz and Daniel W. Pisani to represent them in court
  • The fairness hearing will take place at the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, County Department, Chancery Division at 1 pm CT
  • Experts close to the Debt Call lawsuit have learned that the settlement fund is checking in at around 8 million US Dollars