– Sentinel Pet Products Online Rebate Form

Sentinel Pet Products Online Rebate Form:

Customers who have purchased Sentinel Pet Products may be eligible to complete a form to receive a rebate for the items they bought.  Rebate range based on what product was purchased and what supply amount was purchased.  Qualifying products include Sentinel Spectrum products and Sentinel Flavor Tabs line of products – rebates are available for purchases of 6 doses but you will get a better bang for your buck if you take advantage of the rebate option when you purchase 12 doses.  The rebate form can be completed online or can be submitted by mail and it is important that you retain your receipt so that you will be able to complete the form (invoice is required to submit for approval).

Details Regarding The Sentinel Pet Rebate Form and How To Redeem Your Rebate:

  • Every Sentinel Brand Purchase will require a separate rebate claim for and you will need your dated receipt (clinic invoice) in order to complete the rebate process
  • Your coupon code can be found on the rebate information you received when you made your purchase – this will need to be entered to begin the online submission process
  • Customers will need to take a picture of their dated clinic invoice and upload this file in order to receive your rebate (image needs to be reviewed to process your rebate)
  • Your rebate is submitted online and your rebate will be paid in the form of a gift card that will be sent to you to the mailing address you provided during the submission process

Sentinel provides a variety of different pet medications and sometimes customers can complete rebate options to provide additional savings.  If you have received a rebate deal from Sentinel it is important to complete it otherwise you are missing out on very easy savings.  Some rebate offers through Sentinel provide additional rebate savings when you buy in bulk so if this is a product you will be using long term it is a great deal to take advantage of the best rebate deal offered.



Source: – Accu-Chek Glucose Testing Simple Pay

Accu-Chek Glucose Testing Simple Pay:

Many people require regular monitoring of their blood glucose levels and there are many options available – no matter what option patients choose it should be a decision made with their doctor and should consider which product is best for your medical needs.  Accu-Chek is a blood glucose monitoring device which allows people to pay an upfront cost for their testing strips.  The advantage to blood testing strips like this is that you know exactly how much you will be paying for your strips unlike other options which may not have direct pricing which can leave the buyer with an unpleasant surprise.  In order to buy these strips, consumers will need to sign up to get the SimplePay Card based on your requirements, have your prescription for your blood testing strips and then go to the pharmacy to pick up and buy your testing strips.

How Does The Simple Pay Card Work and Additional Details Regarding Accu-Chek Strips:

  • Signing up for the SimplePay card will require customers to provide some basic information including their personal info (name, email, etc) and medical information such as your insurance coverage
  • Once your prescription is provided users of this meter will receive a free glucose meter which is compatible with the testing strips which is an added deal for customers who uses the product
  • To receive your Accu-Chek Strips you will need a SimplePay card and your prescription – strips cannot be obtained without a prescription and patients must have this through their doctor before receiving the testing supplies

Not all patients will apply for this card and based on your insurance coverage you may or may not be eligible – you will need to provide this information during the sign up which will make sure you meet the requirements.  The SimplePay Card is a discount card and is not a form of insurance so it works to provide a discounted deal for customers rather than relying on insurance coverage.  Full information regarding eligibility is available on the main SimplePay website.



Source: – Tractor Supply Company Online Rebates/Promo Redemption

Tractor Supply Company Online Rebates/Promo Redemption:

  • Tractor Supply Company customers can visit the promo redemption page to access their promotional reward opportunities available to for their purchase
  • In addition to entering a new promo request you can also track the status of past requests – to access your tracking you will need to provide your tracking number associated with your rebate
  • To begin a new rebate process you need to enter your promotional code and the date of purchase of the item you are requesting a promotional rebate for
  • If you do not have a promotional code you can still begin the redemption process by providing the date of purchase on the link where no promo code is required

Tractor Supply Company customers are at times provide promotional rebates for products they purchase.  During your check out process you may be provided with a receipt which provides a rebate promotional code and the additional information you will need to set up your rebate for redemption.  If you have lost your receipt and still need to submit a rebate, you can visit the store you made your purchase and your receipt can be reprinted.  You do not need to provide your original your receipt – your copy of the receipt will be available for use for the reward process.

More Details Regarding Tractor Supply Company and Their Rebate/Promo Process:

  • In addition to your promo code and date of purchase you will also need a 7-digit SKU number which can be found on the receipt of the item you purchased
  • To monitor the process of you rebate you can provide your tracking number which is sent to the email address which is associated with the rebate form you filled out
  • Processing rewards typically take 4-6 weeks but if you rebate has not be received before 6 weeks you can contact customer support for a status update



Source: – Valspar Paint Online Rebate Form

Valspar Paint Online Rebate Submission:

  • If you have recently purchased a qualifying Valspar product eligible for rebate you can visit the main rebate page to begin the process and print out your rebate for cash back
  • Once you have completed your rebate form you can print the form out and mail in to the address located on your rebate which will allow for the processing of your rebate for payment
  • To begin, you will need to select the rebate which you are redeeming – there is a drop down menu of the qualifying rebates or you can find the corresponding number associated with your product
  • During rebate submission you will need your original receipt from the store of purchase as well as your UPC codes from the purchased products, be sure to retain these for rebate submission

Valspar Paint products are known for their quality products and competitive prices.  To make their products even more appealing, there are often very lucrative rebates associated with your purchase.  The main thing to remember is to check right away if there is a rebate for your product because one of the biggest pitfalls with any rebate is consumers forgetting to complete the rebate or losing the required information in order to complete the rebate.  If you fall for either of these common mistakes you are simply leaving a great deal on the table.

More Details Concerning the Valspar Rebate Customer Submission:

  • Once you select the rebate associated with  your product you will then be directed to the form to complete – fill in all of the required information in order to complete your rebate submission
  • Print your completed form and include the required documentation for receipts and product UPCs and mail in to have your rebate processed

Contact (check regularly on the main rebate site for updated mailing addresses):

Valspar 2020 Rebate Program
Dept. 11300
PO Box 5017
Stacy, MN 55078-5017

Source: – Rebate Processing Center

Advance Auto Parts 4 My Rebate (Last Update April 12, 2016)

  • Apply for a rebate in relation to a purchase from Advance Auto Parts

You can enter your offer code to start claiming your rebate or search for available rebates by category with the Advanced Auto Part Rebate Processing Center.  Once you have submitted your rebate you can track the status with the tracking number provided at the time of application or the email address you used.

  • To claim or find a rebate you will need the offer code.  You can conduct an advanced search by using the purchase date or the event code
  • The system is pretty simple to use and you automatically agree to receive email and other correspondence from Advance Auto Parts when applying for the rebate
  • Advance Auto will not use your email address for anything other than offers and promotions

Any questions about the Rebate Processing Program can be directed to 1-888-378-9766 or by email at  The rebate check will be made out to the person who applied for the rebate and must match the billing information on the invoice as stated in the terms and conditions of your rebate offer.  If these two pieces of information do not match the rebate may be deemed invalid.  Please note that the rebate checks are void if not cashed within 90 days and cannot be reissued so be sure to cash that check right away.

Advance Auto Parts

AAP is a popular auto replacement parts company based out of Roanoke VA.  The company was founded in 1932 and has over 3900 locations.  They are a public company and can be found on the NYSE under ticker symbol AAP.  Popular sale items include air filters, batteries, chassis parts, clutches, engines, fuel pumps, cooling fans and gaskets.  The company generally attracts do-it-yourself, do-it-for-me, or commercial customers.  Major competition to the firm includes Auto Zone and NAPA.

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