– General Motors Rewards Program

General Motors Rewards Program:

Consumers can easily register with the My GM Rewards Program (at no cost) and begin earning reward points which can be used from everything from GM Accessories, Automobile Services and even purchasing or leasing a new GM vehicle.  Signing up for the program only requires new registrants to complete a simple form which requires a valid email address and setting up a password, providing your contact information including address and phone number, and agreeing to terms of service.  Once your account has been created new members will automatically receive 1000 points just for signing up for a new account and will then be able to complete your entire member profile to earn an additional 1000 points (this amounts to 2000 points upfront just for signing up and completing your account).

Overview of the My GM Rewards Program and How To Earn Points:

  • As mentioned above, just for signing up you can receive 2000 points once you complete your account and once set up you can begin to earn points in a variety of other ways
  • Repairs and services made at participating dealerships will be able to use their account to earn additional reward points for the money spent – 6 points for each dollar spent
  • Setting up prepaid connection service plans, data plans, purchasing new or certified pre-owned GM vehicles, enrolling in paperless billing and more all allow you to earn points
  • Consumers who have the GM Buy Power Card can earn even more points by combing their My GM Rewards Points to use towards qualifying GM purchases or services

Reward programs can be a great deal for consumers but the biggest benefit comes when a company you really enjoy offers a rewards program.  While this program has many benefits for individuals it will most benefit people who have a GM vehicle or are planning to get a GM vehicle.  Once your account has been set up you can access your account anytime online by logging in with your registered email address and password – once logged in you can view your point balance and manage your account profile.



Source: – Pepsi Get Stuff Rewards Program

Pepsi Get Stuff Rewards Program:

This year Pepsi is unleashing the return of Pepsi Stuff – a loyalty rewards program where Pepsi Drinkers can earn points which can be used for rewards such as Pepsi Themed products and other prizes such as a chance to win a trip to New York City to meet Britney Spears.  In order to participate in the Pepsi Stuff promotion, consumers will be required to register with Pepsi stuff.  Once your account has been set up you can begin to redeem your codes for points.  If you have purchased a Pepsi Product which is part of the promotion (Pepsi bottles and Pepsi can cases are both examples of eligible products) you can log in to your account online and enter the code found on your Pepsi product and then enter the code which will add points to your Pepsi Stuff account.

What Do Participants Need To Be Aware of Regarding The Pepsi Stuff Promotion and Details On How The Promotion Works?

  • The sign up process is simple but it does require a valid email address to create an account – once you provide your basic info (name, email, and username) you can verify your account and begin earning points
  • For Pepsi drinkers who have already created an account you can log in using either you email address or username and once logged in you can view your account balance and manage your points
  • Your points can be used for entries in to contests (such as the aforementioned Britney Spears meet) or redeemed for gear such as a Pepsi t-shirt, a Pepsi Guitar, or even a Pepsi themed Yeti Cooler
  • Points are earned based on the item purchased and there are also bonus points awarded at various point thresholds (for instance, once your accrue 25 points you will automatically receive 3 bonus points.

Pepsi Stuff is back in a big way this summer and if you enjoy an ice cold Pepsi on a hot summer day it may be the perfect way to earn some fun gear and rewards when you redeem your codes.  There is no cost to play other than the cost of making your Pepsi purchase so this is a great deal for people who enjoy Pepsi.


1 (800) 433-2652

Source: – Managing Your Asia Miles Account

Managing Your Asia Miles Account:

If you are part of the Cathay Pacific Asia Miles Rewards program you can manage your account online through their online access website.  Joining for the first time does not cost any money and can be set up in in just minutes by following the “Join” link and completing the short forms which follow (requires your basic information and contact information in order to verify your account).  Once you have set up a rewards account you can begin to earn rewards for your Cathay Airline purchases and manage your account.  Because having a rewards account does not cost any additional money, there are very few reasons not to sign up for airline rewards programs if you are flying with a company which provides customer rewards.

What Should Customers Know Regarding Their Asia Miles Rewards Online Account?

  • When you access your account you can view your current reward balance and manage your profile settings
  • Miles with Asia Miles are very flexible, they allow you to convert your miles to points with other reward programs which are part of the Asia Miles partner program
  • If you need to purchase additional miles you can do so through your account and you can also transfer your points from one account to another
  • Miles can expire under certain circumstances so it is important to view your expiration date associated with your miles so you can renew as necessary (service fees will apply)
  • If you already have an account you can log in to your account using your username or member number and your password

Reward programs are great deals for customers because they often are available at no additional cost.  Getting things for free is one of the best feelings there is so when you register with rewards program it is important to make sure you use your account when you make purchases associated with that program.

Source: – O’Reilly O’Rewards Account Management

O’Reilly O’Rewards Account Management:

O’Reilly Customers have an option to join a free loyalty rewards program which provides rewards and special deals for members who use the service.  In addition to joining the rewards program you will also have an online account with O’Reilly where you can track orders, manage your rewards account, view purchases and more.  Because this is a free program, it is a very good deal for customers who frequently (or, even less frequently) shop with O’Reilly.  Rewards are earned per dollars spent at O’Reilly so this rewards program does benefit those who shop a lot but rewards can pile up quickly – for every one dollar spent you will earn one reward point and once 150 points are earned you can redeem this for $5 towards your next eligible purchase.

What Details Should Customers Know About O’Reilly’s and The O’Rewards Program?

  • If you already have an account you can access your account online 24/7 through the login page by providing the email address and password linked with your profile
  • Setting up an O’Reilly Online Account for the first time requires you to provide your name, email address and set up a password – you can opt in to the rewards program during sign up (checking the box during account creation)
  • This is a free rewards program so no payment information is needed during sign up and once registered you can manage your account and view your online purchases
  • Reward customers will be eligible to participate in double event promotions, receive special offers via email, and will earn a birthday reward each year they are a member

Online rewards program can be very nice deal when they are properly used.  The trick is to make sure you always use your rewards program when you make a purchase at a company you are registered with otherwise  you are leaving rewards on the table.  O’Reilly sells an huge supply of automobile parts for many makes and models. If you are an O’Reilly’s O’Rewards member you can easily make your purchases count for extra rewards by providing your rewards information with each purchase you make.



Source: – Starwood Preferred Guest Account and Activation

Starwood Preferred Guest Account and Activation:

SPG is a rewards program for customers who stay at Starwood Associated hotels and properties.  There are 11 brands associated with this program and over 1500 properties are eligible for rewards which provides travelers a very large option of choices.  Brands included in the Starwood Program include popular names such as W Hotels, Sheraton, Westin, Luxury Point and many more (a full list of properties which are part of the program can be found through the Starwood Preferred Guest property search feature).  If you are a new account holder you can easily access your account online and begin earning rewards – simply visit the activation page and provide the necessary information to set up your new account.  Once your account is activated you can beginning using your membership to accrue points for future stays.

What Do Consumers Need To Know Regarding SPG and Activating Their Account?

  • You will need to verify you account during the activation process which will require you to provide your account number and the last name associated with your account
  • Once your account has been verified you can confirm the activation and then will be able to log in to your account anytime online and view your points balance and manage your account settings
  • SPG search feature allows customers to enter their destination and the dates they are looking for lodging which will provide you with SPG properties for you stay
  • Sign in to your account can be done either using the username your created or using your account number – both methods will require you to provide your password

Reward programs are a great deal for consumers, especially for consumers who use certain companies more regularly than others.  If you frequently stay at Starwood properties you can sign up for a rewards account for free and your stays will allow you to earn points for future redemption.  Additionally, Starwood also offers a credit card which allows consumers to earn points even faster however the credit card is not required to set up an SPG account.