53.com/activate – Fifth Third Bank Card Activation

Fifth Third Bank Card Activation:

When you apply for a new card (credit or debit cards) there are several components to the process that will nearly always be the same regardless of where the card is being issued from.  Fifth Third Bank allows customers to activate their new cards online.  Activation of a credit or debit card is very important because before the receipt is verified it cannot be used for purchases.  Fifth Third Bank online activation requires members to have registered for online banking before your card can be activated.

How Does the 5/3 Activation Process Work For a New Credit Card:

  • Account holders will be required to have access to the internet and a compatible browser if they wish to activate their card online
  • First time users will need to set up their online account before they will be able to activate a card or before they will have access to their online account
  • To Register for an online account you will need to have an account number for either a Fifth Third Debit Card, Credit Card, ATM Card
  • Once your account has been registered and verified you can then log in to your online your account in order to activate a new card

To access an account and set up your new card for use you can log in to an already registered account using your User ID and password.  Once you are logged in you can then follow the prompts to verify and activate a new account.

Other Information Regarding 5/3 Bank and Credit Card Activation:

  • If you are having trouble accessing your account there is a customer service link which can be followed to contact a representative for assistance with account set up
  • Fifth Third Bank has over 1,300 locations across the country – if you need to look up a location or an ATM location you can visit the locator on the 5/3 Bank website


1 (800) 972-3030