– Account Now Prepaid Visa and MasterCard

Account Now Prepaid Visa and MasterCard:

Many people are looking for better ways to bank and are in search of the best deal for managing their finances.  There are many options available to consumers these days ranging from checking accounts, credit and financing options, and prepaid debit cards.  The Account Now Card is a prepaid card which allows customers to load funds on to the card which can then be used at anywhere that accepts your card type (there is a MasterCard and a Visa version of the Account Now Card).  The Account Now Card is not like a credit card where you will need to submit a credit check and approval is based on your credit worthiness, instead you only need to verify your account and your acceptance will be approved.  Once you account has been created you can activate your card as soon as you receive it, load funds, and begin using your new card.

What Details Should Consumers Be Aware of Regarding The Account Now Prepaid Card and Activation?

  • Once you have received your card in the mail you will have the option to activate your card online – you will need to provide your full card number and security code and then proceed with verification
  • Money can be added in a variety of ways including direct deposit of payments such as your paycheck or tax returns – there are no additional fees when funds are deposited using this feature
  • The Account Now Card can be used to make purchases with vendors, it can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs, and you can set up bill payment options
  • This card functions just like a traditional checking account linked debit card (no separate bank account is required for the Account Now Card)

Many consumers are seeking ways to avoid being burdened by debt and expensive bank account fees.  Prepaid cards can be a good option to avoid credit cards and traditional banking accounts but it is important to remember that these types of cards often come with their own monthly fees and other costs.  Consumers should thoroughly review the full cost of opening an account and should always determine which will be the best deal for their needs.