– Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. Customer Satisfaction Survey

Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  • Completing a customer survey with Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr is done through a consolidated website where you candid feedback can be provided to improve the customer experience
  • It is critical to retain your receipt if you wish to participate in the survey process because you will need to provide information from the receipt to begin your survey and access the form
  • The Happy Star Survey Sweepstakes provides a winner with a $1000 gift card – to participate in the sweepstakes you simply need to complete the survey process at the survey site
  • Completing the survey takes just minutes and a full graphic outlining how to access your survey with the information on your receipt is provided to make the process a breeze

Whether your recent dining experience was at a Hardee’s location (frequently found in the Midwest and Southwest) or at a Carl’s Jr. (frequently found in the Western States) you can complete the online customer survey by visiting the same survey website.  Another interesting fact is that some Hardee’s locations also feature Red Burrito services and Carl’s Jr. provide Green Burrito items when available.  If you eat off the burrito menu you are of course still encouraged to participate in the survey!

Customer surveys and customer feedback in general are very important tools for businesses to improve the customer experience.  The nice thing about this is that your answers and responses can make a difference the next time you visit the establishment.

Still Interested In More Information To Complete The Survey Process?

  • Participants must be 18 years of age and you will be asked to verify your age before you begin your survey
  • You will need to include the store number, your date of purchase, and the time of purchase before you can access your survey form
  • The survey is available in both English and Spanish and can be easily switched between the two languages as needed


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