– Indigo Card Platinum MasterCard Pre-qualified Offer

Indigo Card Platinum MasterCard:

The Indigo Card by MasterCard is an exciting opportunity for people with less than ideal credit.  Many people across the country may trouble being approved for credit cards due to past blemishes on their credit report – this card was designed for them.  Unlike some credit cards which quickly deny people due to past credit issues, the Indigo Card is more accepting of these blemishes and the best part is that new card applicants can check their pre-approval status without affecting their current credit scores of credit history.

Indigo Card Platinum MasterCard Pre-qualified Offer:

  • If you received an offer in the mail for an Indigo Card you can visit the invitation page to enter your invitation number which will move you along in the application process
  • To see if you pre-qualify (for people who did not get a pre-qualification letter with an invitation number) you can complete the pre-qualification form following the appropriate link
  • Depending on your credit history and overall credit profile you may qualify for a card with no annual fee but some cardholders may have to pay an annual fee for their card
  • This card works like other credit cards in that your activity (payments, balance, etc) is reported on your credit report so that you can begin rebuilding your credit to where it needs to be

More Information on the Indigo Card and How to Maintain The Best Credit?

Consumers should always be aware of their credit and loan balances.  This is one of the biggest factors which is accounted for when determining a person’s credit worthiness.  High balances can sometimes be a prohibitive factor.  Missed or late payments can also negatively affect credit history.  The good news is that if any of these relates to your sitation you can still find cards designed for consumers in your shoes such as the Indigo Card by MasterCard which can go a long ways to rebuilding credit – just be sure to stay within your credit limit and always make your payments on time.