– Macys Rebate Deals Tracking Center

Macys Rebate Deals Tracking Center:

Many department stores and retailers provide deals for customers in the form of rebates.  Unlike discounts which are taken at the register, rebates often require customers to complete a rebate form which must be sent in for processing.  Forms are often completed electronically online or in some case forms are sent in via traditional mail.  Once you sent off your form you then wait for  your rebate to be processed after which you will receive your funds.  Macys customers who have completed a rebate form can view the status of their rebate which will allow them to estimate when they may receive the payment for the form they provided.  Customers can track the status and view updates as they are entered in to the system for the most up to date information regarding their rebate.

How Does Tracking A Customer Rebate With Macys Online Tracking Center Work?

  • As mentioned, the tracking system is online and customers will need access to a computer or other compatible device with a stable internet connection
  • Rebates can be tracked using three different methods to retrieve your tracking information including using your tracking number, your name and zip code, or your business name and zip code
  • If you have not yet submitted a rebate and are attempting to find the proper form required to begin the rebate process, customers can navigate to the rebate form link which will provide printable copies of rebates currently offered

Rebates can be a great deal for customers who are trying to find the best value for items they intend to purchase.  While they provide a great incentive for savings they also require some patience as the funds are not immediately discounted.  Ultimately, patience will pay off and you will receive your rebate, but in the mean time customers are able to track their Macys Rebate status on the online tracking system.


Live chat support is available through the rebate tracking website