– Barclaycard 60,000 Bonus Miles World Elite MasterCard

Pre-Selection Offer For The Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard:

  • Applications can be completed by mail (attached to the offer letter you received), online, or over the phone
  • Customers can earn bonus mileage when signing up for this card
  • Personal ID code is used no matter which method of applying customers plan to use
  • The pre-selection code is personalized to your pre-selection letter and can be found listed on the offer you received
  • This Credit Card has a $89 annual fee and applications must be replied to by the date listed on your special offer

The Arrival Plus Card is especially designed for credit card users who love to travel.  This credit card earns mileage when used but your miles can be redeemed for many different options including cash back on your credit card statements.  What is important to keep in mind when you are redeeming miles or points with any credit card is that the value of redemption may vary by what you select to receive for your redemption.  For this reason, it is recommended to approximate the value of your miles depending on what you use them on – if the best deal is redeeming your miles for vacation and you are itching to travel this may be the best bet for you, others may want to consider cash back or gift cards.

Receiving a Pre-selection offer can be exciting and they often mean that you qualify for a particular credit card because you have been pre-screened but you will still need to complete your application before final approval is issued.  During an application process for a credit card you credit history will be checked which will determine your approval odds and may also effect aspects of your card such as credit limit and your annual percentage rate.

Here Are Some More Highlights About This Card:

  • Customers will earn 2x miles on all purchases
  • When you redeem your miles you receive 5% back every time
  • There are no limit caps on miles which can be earned each year
  • Depending on your offer you may be eligible to receive up to 60,000 bonus miles
  • Bonus miles may be split between two 30K increments each with separate spending goals
  • 60,000 bonus miles is equal to $600 travel statement making this an attractive offer for customers