– Sentinel Pet Products Online Rebate Form

Sentinel Pet Products Online Rebate Form:

Customers who have purchased Sentinel Pet Products may be eligible to complete a form to receive a rebate for the items they bought.  Rebate range based on what product was purchased and what supply amount was purchased.  Qualifying products include Sentinel Spectrum products and Sentinel Flavor Tabs line of products – rebates are available for purchases of 6 doses but you will get a better bang for your buck if you take advantage of the rebate option when you purchase 12 doses.  The rebate form can be completed online or can be submitted by mail and it is important that you retain your receipt so that you will be able to complete the form (invoice is required to submit for approval).

Details Regarding The Sentinel Pet Rebate Form and How To Redeem Your Rebate:

  • Every Sentinel Brand Purchase will require a separate rebate claim for and you will need your dated receipt (clinic invoice) in order to complete the rebate process
  • Your coupon code can be found on the rebate information you received when you made your purchase – this will need to be entered to begin the online submission process
  • Customers will need to take a picture of their dated clinic invoice and upload this file in order to receive your rebate (image needs to be reviewed to process your rebate)
  • Your rebate is submitted online and your rebate will be paid in the form of a gift card that will be sent to you to the mailing address you provided during the submission process

Sentinel provides a variety of different pet medications and sometimes customers can complete rebate options to provide additional savings.  If you have received a rebate deal from Sentinel it is important to complete it otherwise you are missing out on very easy savings.  Some rebate offers through Sentinel provide additional rebate savings when you buy in bulk so if this is a product you will be using long term it is a great deal to take advantage of the best rebate deal offered.