– Sling TV Promotional Code Redemption

Sling TV Promotional Code Redemption:

  • Sling TV promo codes can be entered using a web browser and navigating to the the promo code webpage
  • If you have an Account with Sling and are redeeming a promotional code you can log in to your account prior to entering the code
  • Other offers may be available on the promotional page including free service offers (currently, Sling TV can be enjoyed for a 7 day free trial)
  • Sling TV can be viewed through a variety of devices (must be internet connected) including Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Smart TVs, Xbox One and may other compatible platforms
  • Sling TV is internet based television and therefore stations cannot be viewed unless internet streaming is available
  • There are multiple Sling TV packages available and prices vary based on which stations are provided for the package you select

Steaming media is quickly becoming the most popular way to consume video based media.  Popular services such as Netflix and Hulu allow customers to access their content and view the library of programs available for viewing.  Sling TV operates somewhat differently – unlike these other platforms, Sling TV provides actual TV stations and will show live television of the available channels.  This means you are watching what someone using cable or other TV service would be watching.

Sling provides a couple different versions of their service (Orange and Blue Package) and you can also select receiving the stations available for both.  Sling Discount Promotional codes are available for new and existing customers and if you receive a deal with Sling which has a code you will need to provide this during the sign up process.  The easiest way to make sure you code is applied to your account is to begin on the Sling Promo page where you can either enter the code directly or log in to your account to enter your promotional code.