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Market Force Shopper deal?

In order to access MF Shopper you MUST have one of the following browsers: For Windows: Internet Explorer 7 or above and Firefox 8 or above. For Mac OS X: Safari 6.0 or above.  These programs can be download for free at the Market Force site.  You will need your Shopper ID and Password in order to sign in.  Your Shopper ID can be located on your most recent Contractor Payment Invoice under the “Shopper Information” section, right above your first name.  If you do not have an invoice please contact Market Force via email customer support.  When accessing the site for the first time your password is preset to be the last 4 digits of your SSN/SIN or to your 8 digit Date Of Birth (MMDDYYYY).  It is recommended you make a password change after your first login.

Market Force

This customer service company specializes in mystery shopping and customer satisfaction polling to determine customer satisfaction, advanced analytics and decision support technology.  Many popular stores, restaurants and theatres use Market Force mystery shoppers and CFAs to understand more about the customer and what is happening in their stores.  Market Force employs regular, everyday people to become “SECRET SHOPPERS”.  These positions are part-time, paid, and offer a flexible schedule.

Market Force Contact

  • Colorado OfficePost Office Box 270355Louisville, CO 80027
  • Phone: 303.402.6920
  • Fax: 303.402.6915

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