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TWC Digital Adapter (Last Update April 12, 2016)

  • Obtain more information about ordering a Digital Adapter from Time Warner

You can check to see if you need a Digital Adapter, order an Adapter and find instructions on how to install a Time Warner Cable Adapter at this helpful customer service website by Time Warner.  Digital Adapters for TVs are the wave of the future and are designed for TV’s that are not connected to a cable set-top box or a CableCARD.  A all-digital cable TV signal will provide better picture quality and sound plus more options in HD and On Demand choices.  These digital adapters will be free of charge to all Time Warner customers up until December 2014.  Starting in January of 2015 customers will be charged 99 cents a month for each adapter in the household or apartment.

Please note that if you have either of the following devices you will not need a cable adapter:

  1. Digital set-top box (i.e. a TWC Cable Box)
  2. Retail CableCARD device

You can order the TWC Digital Adapter online or call 1-855-286-1736  and pick one up at your local TWC store.  To order online you will have to access your TWC account online.  No shipping charges will apply and the adapter should arrive in about a week.  Once you adapter arrives go back to the TWC Digital Adapter site to obtain directions on how to install and activate your Digital Adapter.  There is also a helpful instructional video you can view if you are a visual learner.

Time Warner Cable LLC

TWC is the second largest cable provider in the United States and specializes in cutting edge digital technology with customer satisfaction being their number one priority.  Time Warner provides video, high-speed data and voice services to millions of customers throughout the US and local-all news channels in the states of New York, North Carolina and Texas.

  • is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Phone: 800-TWCable (800-892-2253)

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