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You can take a brief online survey regarding you most recent visit to Village Inn and receive a coupon code for your next visit.  To start the Village Inn Survey you will need the survey code located on your customer receipt. is operated by Village Inn Restaurants all rights reserved.

Village Inn

This popular dining resturant is based out of Springfield MO and was founded in 1958 under the name the Village Inn Pancakes House.  They have some of the best pancakes this side of the Mississippi and can only be topped by Cracker Barrels award winnings buttermilk pancakes.  The Village Inn also serves a wide variety of other tasty treats to include pies, crepes, eggs, burgers, melts and other random dinner items.  The must try item on the menu is the “The Strawberry Crêpes Combo” which features a warm crepe topped with a extra large helping of strawberries and rich cream, crowned with whipped cream.  The Crepe comes with two hickory-smoked bacon strips or two sausage links (take the bacon).

Village Inn Contact

  • Mail: 909 E Republic Rd # B100 Springfield MO 65807
  • Phone: (417) 881-2752

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